Where can I buy Uquip products?
Our items are available from various online retailers as well as selected local retailers. A detailed list can be found here.
I'm looking for collaborations for my blog / website.
We are generally always open for new cooperations and are pleased about every inquiry with exact objectives and explanations under info@skanfriends.com. Please note, however, that our capacities are limited and we can not accept any cooperation request.
I would like to write an article / test and need more material.
Please send an e-mail with your request to info@skanfriends.com. We are happy to provide you with all necessary materials.
I have a complaint.
Please contact the store where you purchased your Uquip product first. They will take care of your request. Please understand that we do not store spare parts.


Uquip Logo (various formats / colors) Download (zip - 5.3mb)
Day-X-Editon Logo (various formats / colors) Download (zip - 2.6mb)
Three Sixty Logo (various formats / colors) Download (zip - 2.6mb)
#beunique Logo (various formats / colors) Download (zip - 5.9mb)
Overview 2018 (engl.) Download (pdf - 613kb)
Overview 2019 (engl.) Download (pdf - 599kb)
24.10.02 Buzzy Download (pdf - 587kb)
24.10.03 Speedy Download (pdf - 593kb)
24.31.07/.08 Betty Download (zip - 443kb)
24.40.11 Comfy Download (pdf - 1mb)
24.40.20/.21 ThreeSixty Mini Download (pdf - 566kb)
24.40.22/.23 ThreeSixty Download (pdf - 1mb)
24.40.24/.25 ThreeSixty Lounger Download (pdf - 951kb)
24.41.10 Handy Download (pdf - 300kb)
24.41.12 Variety M Download (pdf - 496kb)
24.41.13 Variety L Download (pdf - 502kb)
24.41.14 Liberty Download (pdf - 624kb)
24.41.15 Mercy Download (pdf - 3.5mb)
24.42.03 Moony Download (pdf - 1.4mb)
Safety instructions Download (pdf - 36kb)
Photos (1600px)
24.10.02 Buzzy Download (zip)
24.10.03 Speedy Download (zip)
24.31.01-.03 Scotty Download (zip)
24.31.04/.05 Flexy Download (zip)
24.31.06 Josy Download (zip)
24.31.07/.08 Betty Download (zip)
24.40.02 Roxy Download (zip)
+++NEW+++ 24.40.28 Roxy Red Download (zip)
24.40.03 Sidney Download (zip)
24.40.05 Sandy Download (zip)
24.40.14 Sandy XL Download (zip)
+++NEW+++ 24.40.31 Sandy XL Red Download (zip)
24.40.11 Comfy Download (zip)
24.40.15 Justy Download (zip)
24.40.26 Becky Download (zip)
24.40.06 Kirby Download (zip)
24.40.17 Fancy Download (zip)
24.40.09./.18 Trinity / Trinity XL Download (zip)
24.40.19 Darcy Download (zip)
+++NEW+++ 24.40.19 Darcy Red Download (zip)
24.40.20/.21 ThreeSixty Mini Download (zip)
24.40.22/.23 ThreeSixty Download (zip)
24.40.24/.25 ThreeSixty Lounger Download (zip)
24.41.12/.13 Variety Download (zip)
24.41.15 Mercy Download (zip)
24.41.14 Liberty Download (zip)
24.42.03 Moony Download (zip)
24.44.10-.11 Muddy Download (zip)
+++NEW+++ 24.52.01 Buddy Download (zip)
+++NEW+++ 24.52.03 Buddy Red Download (zip)
24.52.02 Holly Download (zip)
24.61.02-.04 Thirsty Download (zip)
24.61.10-.21 Activity Tritan / Steel Download (zip)
24.61.30-.31 Coffy Download (zip)
24.73.08 Sporty Download (zip)
24.73.10/.11 Softy Download (zip)
24.73.12-.14 Breezy Download (zip)
24.73.15-.20 Agility Download (zip)
24.73.21-.22 Terry Download (zip)